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I miss dance so much. Since i’ve stopped competition team about three years ago, i’ve been having more thoughts about it than I had when I was in it. It’s true that you never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Sure, I hated waking up early on Saturdays. Sure, I hated having to miss out on sleepovers on the weekends for dance competitions. And sure, at times I sure did feel like I didn’t have any friends. But on top of being socially awkward and feeling like I didn’t belong, I didn’t talk to people. It was me. I didn’t give certain people the chance. My last year I started to come out of my shell that i’d form every time I walked into the studio. I’d started making some really great friends. I never thought i’d be friends with Amber and i’m so sad that I don’t see her anymore. I don’t care if people didn’t like Emylee, I love her. She’s a great person. Aric was hilarious and a great friend too. I now see that I held so much potential not only in friendships but also in dance! Ever since I’ve been out, I feel a huge lack in my life. I miss pirouettes, leaps, wings, tap in general. I miss dancing! God, if I was in dance right now i’d push myself to the limit. I’d stop getting discouraged like I did in class and actually do fouettes. I’d push myself more in ballet. I’d never stop trying because everyone else got it except me. I’d try until I did! God, I miss dance. I miss putting on makeup for competitions. I’d love to be in it again. I miss it so much. I’d be so happy being involved in dances and competitions again. I always had so much fun. I love dancing and I’d do anything to have it back. I’m like a ghost in that studio now. What ever happened to that girl? That’s who I am. I want to come back and make my mark. I want to be amazing and try my hardest. I want to have fun. I want to dance. 

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