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“I Adore You” At Sour Puss With @AdoreDelano

Adore made an appearance at her hometown hosted club and graced them with a little jingle.

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Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.


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Twenty one pilots live at Newport Music Hall 2011 [x]
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it’s time to bring this back. it’s not talked about enough (in my opinion, at least).

first off, i just want to say that this video is so beautifully shot (i’m looking at you, reelbearmedia).

don’t get me wrong, the emotion in tyler’s voice always blows me away. but there’s something about this video. something very different. it gets me emotional on an entirely different level, and i’m pretty sure it’s because of the ending.

i’m no good with words, so i won’t bother get into much detail on how the ending has affected me. all i can say is that forest has some of my favorite lyrics ever, and hearing them in a different way just did something to me, and i’m almost always in tears at the end of each time i watch.

"this is not what i had planned." the way he says that… oh my god.

and the little twitches after every few lines. the hand motions. you know how into it he is.


this video is very important.


i did my senior solo at my dance studio to this song :3

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